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5S Training

5S Training will help you with implementing one of the most important lean manufacturing tools; that of 5S, it is also one of the simplest to implement. 5S is a methodical way to organize your workplace to turn it into a safer, ergonomic, more efficient environment through organizing your layout and introducing visual management and standard ways of working.
5S is a team approach and requires the participation of everyone within the area in which is applied to be effective. 5S works by helping the team to eliminate the 
seven wastes of lean manufacturing: TransportInventoryMotion

This training enables learners to:

-         Establish an understanding of all Lean pillars as 5S training develops all pillars

-         Sets the standards for business and develops a Lean culture

-         Creates efficiency in the workplace and minds of its workers

-         Creates a safer and more aesthetically pleasing work area for a company and its employees Improves labor utilization as it reduces the time people spend looking for things