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Organizational Culture Consulting

While most business leaders know the importance of organizational culture, many still struggle to grasp how to use culture as a key driver of performance. Our team of culture change consultants can help.

-         Assessment

Understanding the root cause of performance challenges begins with an accurate diagnosis of the entire organization. Our rigorous, mixed-methods approach leverages the industry’s leading culture assessment instruments, working in tandem with extensive internal dialogue and comparative industry analysis to deliver a clear and complete picture of your organization’s strengths and opportunities.

-         Integration

When organizations combine, cultural enablers or detractors within the existing cultures may impact strategy execution. We support culture integration before, during or after a merger or acquisition to ensure a seamless transition.

-         Accountability

Ownership, responsibility, and authority are often necessary for a culture to thrive without blame. We help your organization align around principles of positive accountability when engaging employees, clients, and coworkers.

-         Innovation

Trust, openness to new ideas, and a willingness to take risks directly affects the potential for innovation to thrive within an organization. We help assess your organization’s cultural readiness for innovation and work with you to shape a trusting environment of experimentation, learning, discovery, and ultimately, innovation.