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Problem Solving and Decision Making

In the workplace, you’ll need to make decisions and resolve problems frequently. And while many of your decisions are not so important, some are potentially life changing. So learning how to use effective strategies and tools will help you to make the right decisions at the right time.

With Problem Solving and Decision Making, you will:

-         Face problems and make decisions with renewed confidence

-         Reinforce your authority and credibility with proven problem solving and decision making techniques

-         Analyze situations more comprehensively to arrive at the best solution

-         Anticipate potential problems, assess risks, and weigh alternatives to come up with the best decisions

-         Tackle problems more systematically and logically

-         Harness support mechanisms that will give rise to better solutions and decisions

-         Communicate decisions to team members to reinforce your power, authority and credibility

-         Consistently implement and follow-through on decisions

-         Overcome obstacles and resistance to “unpopular” decisions